At Consto Contructions, our specialized team in repurposed building, or adaptive reuse is based. Our team, respects a buildings’ historic importance and believes that a structure’s story should determine its future.

From vacant historic warehouses to luxury boutique hotels and event venues, this group’s possibilities are endless. With expertise in architectural cladding, promising end results are achieved. These executions are never rushed or forced. Instead, the team maps out what is right in every single step to ensure customer satisfaction.

Community Questions:

  1. Dedication to client satisfaction:

We provide reliable, proficient, and professional services to our customers, ensuring highest outcome for safety and quality. We give our employees regular safety trainings to ensure all tasks are carried out skillfully. For backup we have full conforming safety management plan implemented on each construction site.

LOCATION United States
CLIENT The University Of North Carolina
ENGINEER EK. Fox & Asscoiates LTD.
ARCHITEXT Southerland Page LLP
SCOPE 691 total pieces including spandreal panels
SIZE 158.000 sq feet

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